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Welcome to the Student Services Center of Northern Nash High School.  It is our goal to provide the utmost professional services to all of our students and staff through our Counseling Department, School Psychology, School Social Work, and Nursing. 

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Counseling Department of Northern Nash High School

The School Counseling Department is such an integral part of our school community.   School Counselors will continue to find new ways to build a proactive partnership between parents, students, and teachers.  Each student is assigned to a School Counselor who becomes one of their first sources of help in planning courses, preparing for post-secondary options such as college or a future profession, and in providing active listening to student concerns.

The overall goal is to help students move through high school with proper assistance and support in order to achieve greater success in the fulfillment of their high school goals and post-high school plans.  Consider us as your personal advocate and adviser.

At Northern Nash High School, students are assigned to a counselor.  A student or parent may schedule an appointment with his or her counselor through two options: E-mail or schedule an appointment in the Student Services Center.  Once our Counseling Department receives the appointment request from students, the School Counselor will review the request and may schedule an appointment with the student/parent.


School Counselors, Privacy, & Confidentiality 

Counselors respect the privacy of information, always considering actions in terms of rights, integrity, and the welfare of students. Counselors are obligated by law and by ethical standards to report and to refer a case when a person’s welfare is in jeopardy. It is a counselor’s duty to inform an individual of the conditions and limitations under which assistance may be provided. These conditions include harm to self, harm to others, or harm by others.  We want to help the student in jeopardy connect with people who are experts in dealing with those complex situations.